I work with people who want to heal and guide minds.

You can raise your expectations of mental health.

There are now more potent, high efficacy techniques available.

Behavioral patterns can shift and be re-programmed, and it can be done in a way that is gentle and fun to experience.

Things that we didn’t think were possible are possible. PTSD can be healed in three sessions. Lifelong wounds can be resolved in an hour.

You can learn how to effectively and gently move others to mental wellbeing.

Highly experiential group training programs, delivering deep training in results oriented trauma healing techniques.

Learn an experience the latest evidence of effective practices that can increase the efficacy of your group.

Increase your bottom line through a more resilient, strategic, and empathetic workforce.

My graduates teach and heal with deeper power than before.

"Lillian is as much a healer as she is a teacher. Her ability to name what is unnamed, to see what I have been blind to, and to point out the light where I thought none abided is uncanny. Her work has helped me integrate truth, held me accountable, and held me in softness, kindness, and joy. I honestly don't know where I would be without Lily."

- Tatiana Forero Puerta

Author of " Yoga for the Wounded Heart," and "A Journey, Philosophy, and Practice of Healing Emotional Pain."

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Austin, TX USA

Kind Words

“My work with Lillian was nothing short of incredible. I was amazed by the changes I felt after just one session.”

- Carey, New York, NY

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