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Thank you for coming here, to earth, to this body.

Thank you for everything that you have lived.

Thank you for being who you are now.

Thank you for your desires, dreams, aspirations.

Thank you for who you are becoming.

Get the First Chapter of Treasure Hunting in the Underworld for Free. 


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This book is a guide book for finding and using all the bits of your psyche that have gone rouge. Maybe you have some trauma to heal? Maybe you have some vices or compulsions? Maybe you are just human and like all of us have wild and incomprehensible tugs at your soul.  This is a book for shining the light on your deepest being, so you can know yourself, and be whole and powerful. 



I’m Lillian

I'm a psychonaut. I know my way around the psyche and have a deep love of that beautiful underworld. I have an intolerance for bullshit, especially when it comes to mental health.  I’ve spent the last 2 decades rigorously studying testing, practicing and teaching how to have an exceptional life  (whatever that means to you) through claiming your inner world. The results my clients and students get are miraculous and consistent.
Results like the disappearance of PTSD symptoms after 1 session or income bracket leaps, or family dinners with your ex spouse or learning to love yourself. 

Lillian's work takes me to places inside myself that I would never go without her. Our sessions have given me my life back.

Rosa Catmull


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Send me a voice memo or text

Maybe you’ve got some patterns that keep showing up in your life? Maybe you are starting to suspect your external world problem has an internal world source? Maybe you even know the sources but have no idea what to do about it. Send me a voice message with your query. I will respond with guidance to heal and line yourself back up with what you are really wanting to create. 

Treasure Hunting Mastermind Starts in January

We are gathering a beautiful group of treasure hunters ready to alchemize the lead of their past into a golden present, followed by golden present, followed by golden present, forever and ever amen. 

I am not currently accepting new 1 on 1 clients but you can get on my list for potential new clients. 

Learn to Masterfully Work with Your Clients Emotions

I founded Mindlight to help more people learn to navigate and heal the psyche. Mindlight's two year immersive Practitioner Certification Program gives you the missing link in creating sustained inner transformation within your clients. Become a confident, embodied facilitator of growth, leveraging the full spectrum of human emotion to create miracles.

“I have so much appreciation for you and how we have worked together to change my life. I know I would never be able to exist the way I am right now - pursuing my craft and fulfillment and happiness fully - without you. I am able to pursue pleasure and satisfaction and learning to live in the present moment as fully as possible. I am able to rise out of spirals of anxiety or anger and look around me”

Carey Purcell

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