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My name is Lillian

I am a mom, an entrepreneur, a traveler, I am a spiritual aspirant, an ally and activist, and a painter, a singer and a lover nature.


I live part-time with my ex-husband in the US. He is my best friend, oddly like a brother and a great dad. The rest of the time I live in Colombia or travel. I love creating my life and relationships outside of the box. 

I am a healer and a teacher, I free dive, and rock climb. I love psychedelics, long baths, and shitty TV shows that are made for teenage girls.

Mother Earth has been my most consistent parent, teacher, healer, and friend. I try to be like her in all that I do.  

The Work

For me, the work is about power. We humans are so so so powerful. We can create anything. But we mostly create on accident from a place of profound disconnect. Disconnected from each other, from ourselves, from the earth, from our source.  When we create without love our power is limited and our creations are more like hallucinations. 

Love is the basis of reality. There is not a single thought, experience person, or phenomenon that is excluded from this Love. Even our deviations and walls ultimately deepen our communion with Love. When our hearts are open we can co-create with the Universe, in service of all living things. 

There are specific tools and techniques for applying the principle of love that enable all of those deviations and walls to resolve. Applications that enable healing at every level. This has been the study and the work of my life. Healing at every level with the power of Love and cultivating Happiness and Gratitude which are expressions of love. This is real power. 

Work Together

My Background

Training moment_edited.jpg

I've been studying healing the psyche since I was a child. I received my 1st degree in Reiki at 9 and have been studying with different healers and teachers my entire life from Vedic teachers to indigenous teachers of the Americas to modern positive psychology. I hold a bachelor of arts in Alternatives to Psychotherapy. But, in truth, I have learned through the generosity experience more than anything else. 


I started my private practice and group trainings at 19 and have had the honor of working with and training thousands of people. I co-founded Mindlight an Emotional Training company in 2017, and through that, have gotten to to work with some of the world's top organizations and trained some of the best coaches out there. 

It's all art. The healing is art. The teaching is art. Parenting is art. Running a business is art. The painting is art. The music is art. The living is art. They all feed each other. 

Visual Healing

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