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Train at the Mindlight Institute

Mindlight is the emotional training company I co-founded. It is the best place to become masterful at working with emotions. Train with me and the other world class teachers. 


Work with me 1 on 1

I don't often take new clients but when I do, I love working with people who are leaders in their community. I help people feel how they want to feel, recover from trauma and bring their most far-out dreams close enough to taste. I work with individuals, couples, partners, groups. My rates are $300/ hour or $2400/ day or in some situations $0.

I also love consulting on curriculum, speaking, and doing interviews. I love being a guest teacher. If you want to work together just reach out. I might not respond but I definitely love you.



Talks, Interviews and Media

You know that the real inner work happens in service. I highly encourage that you give to small grassroots organizations, give to projects run by indigenous people and black women. I encourage that you focus more on who are giving to and less on what they are going to do with it.

In support of these kinds of organizations, we started the Organizers Mental Wellness Network. If you are a practitioner it is a nice way to give.

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Let's Work Together: Projects
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