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The Start of a Beautiful Relationship

I teach people to make friends with their own minds and gain creative power in their lives through that friendship. I’ve been training people for almost 2 decades. I use somatic techniques with a psychospiritual basis.  I have a school that offers specific training around resolving trauma or practicing happiness and private sessions. My school Mindlight also works within organizations and trains practitioners. There is a link to those resources below.


In addition to formal training, I know that we learn in more subtle ways through storytelling, through relationships and through transmission. This is a place where I offer that kind of teaching. If you feel resonant or if you’d like to learn together we can start that relationship here. I share more of my life here, more of what I am currently working on and thinking about and more of myself. This kind of mentorship has been critical to my happiness and freedom and it would be an honor to have you in my life in this way. 


I share honestly and I also do my best to answer questions when they come my way. What is most important to me is that I be a voice of empowerment in your life. Its my intention to be someone who affirms you, reminds you who you really are and inspires through the example of my own joyful experience.

The channels of communication.

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