Learn to guide others into their human potential through a profound understanding

of life and the dance of reality.

“Miracles arise from a miraculous state of mind, or a state of miracle readiness.”
- A Course In Miracles

This training is designed for

Anyone who wants to catalyze a glorious and creative human experience, and be an agent of change, freedom and connection.

In this training

  • Unveil for yourself the nature of reality that is beyond words or intellectual understanding.

  • Learn to commune with Existence, yourSelf and Others through direct experience bypassing perception and belief.

  • Create a relationship with life founded in love, trust, appreciation and enthusiasm.

  • Learn to disengage resistance and allow good things to come to you.

  • Learn to transform any emotional energy into a resource, even anger or fear.

  • Develop your creative and generative powers through visioning and embodiment.

  • Learn to share what you’ve learned with others in a way that is enjoyable for them.

Overview of Miracle Training

Part 1: Playing with Beliefs

Week 1 -  Dismantling Beliefs and letting go of all constructs

Week 2 - Exploring the direct experience of existence through a felt experience.

Week 3 -Defining Foundational beliefs that embody the new understandings of life, Self and other.

Week 4 - Recalibrating thoughts and actions with the new Foundational beliefs

Part 2: Communing with Emotion

Week 1 - Dissolving the story and interpretations around emotional experience.

Week 2 - Investigating the nature and potential of emotional states.

Week 3 - Learning to govern and guide your own emotional state.

Week 4 - Appreciation, emotional currency and investments

Part 3: Cultivating ideal Experience

Week 1 - Looking into the nature of desire

Week 2 - Using the power of focused attention and optimism

Week 3 - Putting it all together in and Being who you want to be

Week 4 - Coincidence, synchronicity, opportunity and life talking to you.

Part 4: Miracle Working

Week 1 - Harmonizing, guiding and offering alternatives with your client’s beliefs

Week 2 - Teaching others to feel good through modeling and compassion.

Week 3 - Listening for and amplifying the visions of others.

Week 4 - Program completion



  • This course is 16 weeks

  • Class meets once per week via zoom for a 90 min call.

  • Trainings run Winter and Fall.

  • Exact times and days of class are chosen by consensus

  • Includes 2 optional day retreats


  • Tuition is $2000

  • Payments can be made in 1, 4 and 8 installments

  • Creative and useful barters, pay it forwards and extended payment plans are available

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Austin, TX USA

Kind Words

“My work with Lillian was nothing short of incredible. I was amazed by the changes I felt after just one session.”

- Carey, New York, NY

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