Madison Reyes“Lillian has a quality about her that just brings peace. Like sunshine coming in to burn off a dark fog, her combination of warmth as well as a keen eye for getting to the heart of a matter makes her a great Coach. She helped me get through some tough times and has contributed to my own work as a Coach. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get powerful result with a whole bunch of heart and soul.”

Madison Reyes
Life & Leadership Coach



“Simply put, Lily is great at what she does.  Not only can you see
results from her sessions, but you can feel them as well.  She sees
things in you that you never saw in yourself before and pushes you
beyond what you ever thought possible.  I spent years in therapy
dwelling on the same issues in my life moving away from them and
coming back to them periodically.  Through EFT sessions with Lily I
have made leaps and bounds in my personal and professional life in
less than 2 months.  Where medication and therapy have failed, EFT has

Vincent Roccanova,

Cinematographer and director

New York, New York


“My work with Lillian was nothing short of incredible. I was amazed by the changes I felt after just one session. After experiencing a great deal of trauma in a short period of time, Lillian helped me to release a great deal of the anger and fear that was holding me back. The EFT sessions have helped relieve the emotional and physical symptoms of anxiety and anger and helped me to embrace my potential with more courage.”

Carey Purcell




“Thank you so much for a great session.  I didn’t really know what to expect from EFT but I was really impressed with how intuitive you are and how much stuff you helped me work on in just one session.  I am glad I got to work on the things I went there to work on and surprised at what things came up that I didn’t even expect.  Thank you for helping me navigate it all.”

Jeff Terzi


“It was very freeing experience for me. I am amazed how quickly EFT worked.”

Michelle Shinagawa

“I went outside of my comfort zone looking for alternatives way to deal with a pass trauma and landed on the EFT website.

There I searched for someone with knowledge of child sexual abuse which I had been a victim of.  A week later I met Lillian in Brooklyn, New York for our first session.  I was still apprehensive not knowing what to expect.  Lillian, the  compassionate being that she is, put me at ease instantly.  I felt at peace.  I was eager to embark on this new modality I had heard so much about.  We went through our first set of EFT techniques and I felt a knot in my stomach.  When we arrived at a critical part in my story I could not hold back my tears and began to cry.  With each tear I felt a release– a letting go.  Lillian knows intuitively where to go and what questions  to ask at those critical moments to not leave a stone unturned.   As we proceeded with our  sessions I remember the time when after an intense bout of EFT I began to swell up as if from inside of me.  This swelling pressure led to an abrupt sweat that came out of my every pore.  When this came to an end I was too exhausted to go on.  I felt as if was just coming out of a high fever.  My release that day was so profound I was drained of energy for some time—the rest of the day I felt I was walking on a cloud, however.  I recommend Lillian’s work to all who would listen.  Thank You Lillian.  You are doing God’s Work.”


Alexander Mesa

New York