I am here for the liberation of our spirit, yours and mine. Ultimately, that is what we are all here for.

 When I was 9 years old,  I saw war on the news. I thought that war was like dragons, part of fairy tales or happened a long time ago. When I found out it was real I was heartbroken and horrified. I have felt overwhelmed by the problems of the world most of my life. Through healing and working through my own childhood traumas I realized that there is hope.

The problems that we are facing globally are reflections of the problems we deal with on a personal level. I know from the miraculous healing I have experienced and been a part of that we can heal. If we can heal ourselves then we can heal our whole global community and all of the messes we have made.

Let’s start with you. You are here. I know that when you are free from your own suffering you will radiate that God given light far and wide. Your liberated spirit is medicine for the human condition. If each of us felt that peace of mind and freedom to do what we are inspired to do we would be living in a very different place.

Where to start?

You want more money, to stop living in a state of stress and panic. You want a good job. A safe and beautiful place to live. A sweet love. Some hot sex. A good relationship with your parents. Peace of mind. A purpose.

You have issues. You have relationship issues, and money issues, health issues and issues with your mom.

Its the perfect place to start. You heal yourself, get what you want. The process you will go through to get there will connect you deeper to God and the planet, and just as you are creating miracles in your own life you will be creating miracles for us all.

I am here for you. To help you get what you want through connecting to God and your highest desire for good, your Spirit’s liberation. Through getting what you want you will change the world.

My Story

Childhood Layer Cake

I was born into chaos. Really it was chaos even before I was born. As I was growing in my mother’s womb she was going crazy and by the time I was born she was a paranoid schitzophrenic. From birth until I moved out of my parent’s house life was a layer cake of trauma and incredible gifts. The perfect mixture to give me some serious issues and the ability to heal them.  I had physical abuse, emotional abuse, illness, neglect and. I also had Sweatlodges, an incredible education, Shamans, spiritually devoted parents, and 16 acres of Texas heaven to raise me.

Sprouting wings

After I moved out of my parents house I started searching, with desperation for something that would free me from the depression and anxiety I struggled with since childhood. I studied every healing modality I could get close to. I changed my diet, wore crystals, started meditating, embodied tarot archetypes, saw a psychiatrist, learned tapping, did the landmark forum and I traveled a lot and I slept under the stars as much as possible. After two years of searching and healing I started my coaching practice.


Now I have had a successful coaching practice for 5 years and have lead workshops all over the country. I have an awesome husband and twin boys. I love where I live. I wake up happy almost every morning. I don’t think that the healing process ends before enlightenment but it gets a lot more fun.

This is what I want to share with you. A lifestyle of self care that keeps you growing and giving.