What I am finding is that when I let my Love motivate me it feels like the social and environmental puzzles are small in comparison the the greatness of the Love available.

Another way of saying it, the things that we are wanting to protect are strong and any action that is for good, from good has a lot of momentum to it because it is related energetically to the every other action of this kind.

In this way, being a loving friend is activism, feeding a hungry person is activism, enjoying the shit of your favorite nature spot is activism. All of these actions point us in the right direction.

This relates to our personal lives as well. It can feel like we are so far from where we want to be and yet such small things can completely change the way we feel. We start waking up 15 mins early and going for a walk in the morning before work. We have a no screens policy after 6 PM. We take 1 min every single day to look at the sky. Meet with a loved once a week.

These seem almost inconsequential, and yet if you actually implement them, you will feel totally different. It is because there is so much momentum for well being built into us. We are designed and the planet is designed to self balance. It needs very little conscious attention on our part.