Peace of mind. Love. Ease. Lots to Give.

You may be almost feeling these things. You may be feeling so far away that it doesn’t seem possible. This process can be used no matter how you are feeling to help you feel better.

You can do it in minutes or you can take a week to go through the process. It is yours.

I know that you have a million ideas about what you need to do but let this be enough for now.

Follow me on a quick journey from where you are now to Peace of mind, Love, Ease and having lots to give.

Step 1.  Be real.
What are you feeling now. Notice it all. It is all there. Stress. Desire. Impatience. Hope. Sore neck. Despair. The mind doing what its doing. The body feeling everything its feeling. Notice everything you got. Breath and keep feeling.

Then ask yourself “Does it feel a little bit better to notice than it does ignore?” yes maybe a little? Great! congratulations of feeling a little better.

Step 2. Give up.
Noticing what you are feeling, give up on feeling any better. Give up on solving the problem. Give up on your circumstances improving. Just for this second.

Then ask yourself “Does it feel a little bit better to give up than to struggle? Yes, maybe a little! Great! Congratulations yourself on feeling a little better so quickly!

Step 3. Do Good.
Now that there is no agenda. Drink some water, stretch, go outside, breath deeply, eat something you feel is good for you. If you can take a nap, take a nap.

Feel any better? I bet you do. You are great at this!

Step 4. What’s good?
Right here in this room in this moment in your current life, there are things you like. There are some things that are good, that make you smile. Your dog, you just cleaned out the fridge, the boss isn’t in today. You name it.

Then ask yourself “Doesn’t it feel good to like these things? And yes congratulate yourself on feeling good!

Step 5. What’s improving?
There are things all around that are getting even better too. Some things you’ve been worried about have started to sort themselves out. Your big effort is paying off in some ways. Its not all the way there but it seems very possible it will get there.

Congratulations on climbing the emotional scale, and helping yourself feel better so quickly. This is all yours whenever you’d like to feel better.