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Lillian Eve Moore

This new age culture with life coaches and yoga classes is mostly recycled material from ancient religions both in ideology and in practice. We say, “Source,” or “Universe,” instead of, “God,” and instead of “Guru,” or “Christ,” we say, “Higher Self.” We left the old religions because so many teachers would weave in fear for their own gain.

One thing I love about the New Age religion is the emphasis on the individual’s relationship with God. While many religious traditions say you need to surrender to a master to liberate yourself, the stories of these paths are riddled with people who left all teachers to go sit in a cave and work it out with the Creator without a mediator.

I know so many people, particularly Christians, who have grown up with God used as a weapon against them. It was used as a tool to make them afraid of doing something wrong rather than a source of life, inspiration, and love, presenting God as nothing but wrathful misguided parent rather than an infinite world of Love.

Ahhh…but, in the ditching of the guides we lost too much of the guidance.

Every major religion teaches to us serve those less fortunate than ourselves. Where in this conversation about the loving universe do we talk about service? How can we be a part of an infinitely generous world if we do not live by that same law? Why is it that when we learn about the laws of the universe we learn how to hit 6 figures in 6 months?

It seems like the new path is teaching people to be as corrupt as the leaders of the old paths. Teaching greed and while the fear may be masked in pretty positive language it is there. Insecurity is simultaneously being fed and painted over with lines like “Create the life you want.”

volunteer group raising hands against blue sky background

I am not talking about martyrdom, and hurting yourself to “help” others. Nor do I think its bad to want things or go for things. I like money and beautiful things and luxurious experiences very much. I also think that if we are after happiness, truth and real spiritual living then our orientation must change.

If we are oriented towards the things it only reinforces that something is lacking. If we are oriented towards services it reinforces that we are whole.

Instead of thinking, “I am so powerful I can have whatever I want,” (which is a statement that opposes itself) we can think, “I have everything to give.” This is understanding oneness.


Yesterday I woke up with pit in my stomach. It was a familiar feeling of shame and inadequacy.

My business is going through a growth spurt, Praise God, and with it there is a new level of transparency that I both long for and feel shy of. Choices I make intuitively; that alone in my home I feel very comfortable with, pop up in my mind as convicts awaiting a jury. Was that really an aligned, right on, guided choice or was it reckless? Maybe I just couldn’t do better. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I did it for the money or I was copying someone.

The more people who come to my website, the more people will see archives of spelling mistakes before I hired an editor.

Am I a false prophet because I completely, emotionally wigged out as I was thinking about an old flame? Maybe I am.

These thoughts were stagnating in me. I didn’t want to talk to clients. I didn’t want to write. Ugh, who do I think I am?

Pastels and painted lines

The truth is, I have always been brave. I have always been ready and willing to go for the life that is as close to what I really want as I can get. Ready and willing, even if it means doing things drastically different and making some fatal (to my ego) mistakes.

This is how we innovate.

Most of your complaints, you have them because you are too scared to try something new or try something that hasn’t been endorsed by a friend or Dr. Oz. Or you trust in what you see, so much so that you have lost the ability to imagine a vision.

Let’s work towards a vision; rather than barely managing the sticks, and stones, permitted to teach. I would still be an apprentice working under a master shaman, but things are happening quickly now. The planet has been plundered and we are having to change quickly. We are changing quickly. All hands on deck! Everyone is needed as a visionary. Everyone is needed as a teacher, as a healer, as an innovator.

You and me together, lets vision, let’s go for what we really want. Let’s try new ways, and old forgotten ways; AND lets not shy away from our people and hide, because we are not perfect. Let’s offer everything we have with the best intentions, even as we continue to seek guidance and refine.


If you get deep enough into most religions, there is a point where you have to choose between a life of devotion and a material life (family, career, etc).


These teachings, this way of thinking, is heartbreaking and damaging. It results in people raising children, driving an economy, and making technological breakthroughs disconnected from their own spiritual guidance.


AND spiritual people who can barely function in the world.

Piano keys and human hand
It’s true that it would be easier to keep my head clear and heart open if I only had to make my bed and pray. My children and my work give me lots to do and think about that could become a distraction.


I have to laugh as I write it… my children and my work. A distraction from God. A distraction from my spiritual path. As if my spirit isn’t in my children and my work.


What’s actually true is that I am entering Olympic level sports as a rookie. It is a high level opportunity to be in prayer as my kid shits his pants in the park and then refuses to take them off. It is peak performance stuff to put in the effort, focus, and heart of a good day’s work and remember your infinitely expanding self.

The work is not what makes it hard to connect with ourselves.

What takes us away is the devotion to the work. Devote to your spirit and do your work as prayer. Devote to your work (this includes family work) and you come back feeling empty and looking for cheap ways to numb out or feel pleasure. Devote to spirit and anything you do is sweet.


Perception and creation are kind of the same thing. What you highlight with your awareness becomes the prominent platform for what else you think is possible.
Landscape in Tibet

If you look around and you notice all the good things, you say, “Things are good.” If things are good, it’s not too much of a leap to think things can be great. If you focus on how things are improving and you say, “Things are getting better,” it’s easy to imagine that they will get much better.

Then with that imagination, you plan. You take actions, and have conversations to support the things getting much better. This isn’t even factoring in the energetic element, which is actually where it all happens.

You also feel more relaxed, happy, stronger, etc. Your perception helps you generate feelings or vibrations and vibrations generate things and circumstances. You could try and just change how you feel but that takes a lot of effort.

Instead, I focus on perception because sometimes I have very little control over how I feel about what I see. There are lots of things I can do to work through my feelings and change them, but it takes time. I can however instantly change what I am looking at.


I remember walking barefoot in Spring as a child and feeling the electricity of the Earth rush through my feet.

I had open channels and an eager heart. I was ready and willing to meet the sweetness of the world with my own soul’s sweetness.

There are some backwards systems and fearful ways ingrained in our movements. From painful parenting practices to blinding distribution of currency, we as a culture have forgotten how to be nice to ourselves, and it is very difficult to be better to anyone else.

When we look around, it could be so easy to believe that we are fucked up. There must be something wrong with them… us… me.

How could we have the social and environmental problems we have if we are good?

Mmmm, but we are good! They… we… I am good.

Today, I think that the best path is to ignore everything else. Maybe we can ignore every problem that there is for long enough to feel whole and loved, to find and feel our goodness.

Then, with the electric joy of connecting our good feet to the good Earth, we face the mess with faith and strength.


You know how sometimes you are feeling really great, and then you spend too long with that one person (usually your family) and you feel wiped out or sour? Or maybe you are feeling low all day until that one person steps in, and without doing or saying anything, you start feeling better.

You might have even been told by other people that it feels good to be around you.

This is because there is a constant energetic death match going on, and only the strongest vibes survive. I am not kidding you.

Our energy systems are like radio signals, and when you are with someone who has a different frequency than you, there is a competition for who has the stronger signal.

Another way you can look at it is like gears: our energy is spinning in different ways, and as we bump up against each other we synchronize, but we synchronize to the gear with the stronger engine behind it.

There are so many things in life that you can’t control, but what causes the anxiety is when you don’t have power over your own state of being. The most effective way to feel good consistently is to have a robust energy field and practice feeling good, no matter what.

Here is how:

1. Train your mind to focus

Your mind might like to fantasize, or it might like to obsess, or it may be in the habit of escalating fear and anger. If you can choose your thoughts and train your mind to focus, then your energy body begins to stabilize.

2. Stop doing things that feel bad

As you’re starting out, you don’t want to be kicking yourself in the butt! The point of this is to get good at feeling good, not good at surviving shitty situations. If you are doing something that feels miserable, figure out how to remove it from your life or figure out how to enjoy it.

3. Do things that feel good

You can actually practice and train yourself to feel good. Start off by using circumstances, or props, or your environment to intentionally start good feelings.

4. Practice feeling good for no reason

In a moment that feels neutral, right when you wake up or maybe between activities in your day, choose to feel good. You can do this by remembering what good feels like. What does it feel like in your body? What does good make you want to do or say? Remember as vividly as you can, because your mind really doesn’t know the difference between real and imaginary.

Once you are feeling good for no reason, you are already way ahead of most the energetic competition. You can take it to the next level by feeling good even when things are terrible! But terrible things will have a hard time happening when you are so happy :) You bring the light, and there is no darkness in your view.


There is this notion that you can’t have anything you aren’t already embodying, that you can’t be loved if you don’t love yourself, you can’t feel comfortable with your circumstances unless you feel comfortable with yourself.

But you didn’t arise out of an empty space

You came through relationship, you came through love making, or at least fucking and the tissue of your mother, and you were raised on dirt and water and sunshine. The Universe was here with infinite experiences to offer you!

You weren’t given the nourishment of relationships, and nature, and pleasure only to try and survive without them. You were given nourishment to use it with the creativity of your spirit and make something that has never before been an expression of life, something that is totally unique, a you! A life that wouldn’t be without your creative powers.

Letting the sun shine on your face is self love

Letting the sun shine on your face is self love

If you are going to sit alone and try to love yourself, then bring all of the love that has EVER been offered to you, every bit of life  that has fed you into that silence. Bring your most pleasurable experiences, and your most enriching relationships; bring the wind and all of the animals.

If you put it off, saying that you aren’t ready, or worthy, or don’t love yourself enough, then you’re just cutting yourself off from yourself. Letting the sun shine on your face is self love. Eating is self love. Sex, and work, and raising children, and every bit of living, and interacting, and breathing is self love. Love is life force! Be alive and you can’t help but be loved.

There is nothing for you to do on your own. You couldn’t be on your own if you tried.


This past winter was a sweet inspiration to revisit and complete healing on childhood traumas (that’s code for “I got triggered a lot”). When I feel into the wounds and deficiencies of my childhood, I can sometimes drop into self-loathing, with some part of me believing that I can never be as functional or as good as someone with a healthy, balanced upbringing.

They are childhood wounds that become reasons to lash out at a partner, or slink back from an opportunity, or just generally move in small, safe, feeling ways.

So in addition to carrying the wound, we carry guilt and shame about having the wound at all.

I know how to heal trauma. I’m actually a trained professional. But healing can’t happen while you are hating on the wound. You can pretty much render any healing art ineffective by using it to “fix” your sorry, broken self.

A context of acceptance is needed.


Today, while I was laying in a sunny patch of woods, I thought to myself, “Doesn’t the sun shine on all of us? Isn’t this earth under each one of us? What has supported me? What has sheltered me consistently? What has raised me perfectly? Sweet earth and sky, the Divine life force moving through it all!”

This Divinity is my true parent. This is what birthed me and raises me still. I will always be a perfect child to this Perfection.

My earthly parents are imperfect. They made harmful mistakes and missteps, but they also did the best they could. They gave everything they had to give, and they are also perfect children to that Perfection.

With that foundation of Love, each wound becomes a gentle lesson in resiliency, love, forgiveness, expansion, vulnerability, compassion. Each wound becomes a blessing to give thanks to.


I felt like crap about myself, and I wanted to feel better.
I didn’t like most of what I had created in my life, and I wanted to create something better.
And from this place, the thought arose: if I want to feel better, and I want better things to happen, I need to be better.

I looked at all my mistakes, and all of the behavior I felt shame about, and yeah, I just wanted to be better.

I wanted to be a better wife, mother, sister, friend. I needed to be a better cook, teacher, coach, artist. It even infiltrated my self-care and spiritual home; I needed to be a better meditator, a better yogi, a better Lover, better at feeling good. I needed to be a better refugee of my childhood.

But somewhere in me, this wise child rebelled. She said, “I’m good! I am so, so, SO good. You don’t even know the beginning of my goodness! My always, every way goodness, wholeness, lovely lovely me!”

I wish I could tell you I listened…

…but I didn’t. Instead, I tried to be better. And it was painful. Even joyful practices like swimming, painting and meditating became painful. Taking care of myself was painful because it was with intent to kill.

I sentenced myself to death. Most of all, I sentenced a death to the part of myself that would judge me so hard. Judging my judgement. Resisting my resistance. Hating my hate. Trying to control my controlling reaction.

It was a miserable few months in the underworld, pushing a rock up the hill over and over, only to have the same lousy feeling and same lousy circumstances.

But Life is miraculous, and plants push up through the tiniest cracks in concrete.


Life is miraculous

The voice of my deepest knowing is reflected in the ones who keep their heart open to me, who know me and accept me completely, the courageous lovers of Me. With songs and walks in the wood, with shared meals and Love. Slowly, my resistance to myself weakened.

A friend asked me, “Why do you meditate?” I reluctantly admitted, “Lately, because I want to be a better person.” But that’s not meditation, that’s a twenty minute jail sentence: sit very still, and very quiet, and try not to be what you are.

Truly, I meditate because I love to sit in silence and feel the infinite Love of God. I swim to feel my body move and the water against my skin. I sing for the pleasure of my vibrating cells. I paint to enjoy the colors of my experience that I have no thoughts for.

I could say that feeling good makes me a better person, but right now, I don’t give a shit. I just want to feel good.


If your mood (and with it, your perspective) stays consistently joyful, you can change everything else in your life.

We act as if it is our external circumstances that give us the internal experiences. In actuality, our life will always reflect our internal world back to us; a joyful disposition will bring you a life which supports that joy.

However, the things in your life don’t always change instantaneously; the opinions and molecules have to shift, and that can take time. It will happen, but it can take time.

Going from miserable to joyful may feel like you are having to drag your life with you. Your finances, your home, your relationships, your work: all may seem like they are holding you back. You have this new joyful disposition, and you’ve got this life you made when you were miserable that keeps reminding you to be miserable!

This is when it is such a good idea to go for something new

It’s not necessary to cut ties, quit, or move, but there is such power in being in a new place, talking with a new friend, having a conversation you just couldn’t have when you’re miserable with someone you wouldn’t have met.

try a new coffee shop, meet someone new

try a new coffee shop, meet someone new

Here is a list of some ideas to help inspire you:

Try a new…

  • coffee shop
  • route home (using public transportation)
  • class
  • volunteer project
  • outfit
  • park
  • spiritual practice
  • artist to listen to
  • and remember to look up, make eye contact, smile, and (yes!), say “hi”

This is creating life right now, where you are, in your joy.