My name is Lillian. I’m an artist, activist and healer, here to help you reconnect with life, love, purpose and your own sweet self. 

First I have a question…

Would you like more beauty in your life? 

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  • What I am finding is that when I let my Love motivate me it feels like the social and environmental puzzles are small in comparison the the greatness of the Love available. Another way of saying it, the things that we are wanting to protect are strong and any action that is for good, from good has a lot of

  • Peace of mind. Love. Ease. Lots to Give. You may be almost feeling these things. You may be feeling so far away that it doesn't seem possible. This process can be used no matter how you are feeling to help you feel better. You can do it in minutes or you can take a week to go through the process.

  •  What you give your attention to grows. Pay attention with the intention of getting more of what feels good.